Q: What documents do I need?
A: The following documents are required by law for a civil wedding in Greece to take place.  Please make sure that both parties are in possession of the necessary documents.
Originals of these documents (except the passports) must be officially certified by the Legalization Department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (apostille):

1 Valid ten year British passport with six months remaining from the ceremony.2 Full Birth Certificate (long version is required with both parents names listed)

3 Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage. This is required from each of the persons intending to marry. This document is available from and issued by the Superintendent Registrar at your local Register Office / Town Hall.   It takes approx. 15 – 21 days for this document to be issued. The Certificate of No Impediment must be issued within a 3-month period of your wedding date as this document has an expiry date in the eyes of the Greek authorities. You can contact your local Register Office for further information.
NB A statutory declaration signed by a solicitor is NOT acceptable.

4 If divorced – Decree Absolute

5 If adopted – Adoption Certificate & short Birth Certificate (full version not required)

6 If Widowed – Death Certificate of former spouse

7 If you have changed name – Deed Poll (including divorcees who have reverted back to maiden name)

8 If under 18 years – evidence of parental allowance by statutory declaration

Q: How far in advance can we book our wedding?

A: As soon as you have a date in mind.

Q: How long do we need to be in Crete before the wedding?

A: There is no set amount of days you need to be in Crete before the wedding, but in order to arrange the final touches we recommend that you are here at least 2 days before the wedding and 4 days afterwards. The necessary documentation must be posted recorded delivery to us 6 weeks before the wedding date.

Q: When will you be able to confirm the date and time of our ceremony?

A: We can provisionally book your date and time when you first make an enquiry. We will then email you as soon as possible with confirmation.

Q: When do you require payment for the wedding?

A: The deposit should be paid when the wedding ceremony date, time  and venue have been confirmed by us. The rest of the balance and any wedding extras can be paid when you arrive in the resort.

Q: What days can we marry on?

A: Friday lunchtime at the lake of Agios Nikolaos. Monday to Friday from 4pm at another venue such as the grounds of a chapel or the beach area of your hotel.